Welcome to India-EU Study Centre Programmes Blog…
Jul 28th, 2010 by vasu

Blogging is the modern tool of the day, allows you to express your free flowing thoughts. IESCP can not be left behind. This is a democratic space where each and every stake holders and partner of the India-EU Study Centres Programme has an equal opportunity to write about their thoughts, concerns, fears, appreciation, condemnation on anything about the programme without calling it as an official document. We will be using this blog space for:

  • Opinions and Comments
  • Polls
  • Sharing of Photographs and Videos.

Opinions and Comments
Your Opinion counts. Feel free to express your opinion on any subject matter relating to the Programme in general, your Study Center, Higher Education scenario and etc.  While doing so, please do remember that other who are viewing the blog has an equal right to express their opinion too or comment on what you have written. Please do remember that this is no electronic forum to wage a digital war. Be responsible and responsive. No personal criticism, comments or jokes. No vulgarity or violence. Be ethical.

Having expressed your Opinion, you have every right to know how many more people feel the same way like you or otherwise. Democracy is all about deciding on majority opinion and Polls are tools to measure this. From time to time the Administrator of the site will announce Polls on topics of interest, allowing to participate in the Poll and to see the results instantly. If you desire to start to new Poll, that is possible too. Do write to the Administrator about it.

Sharing of Photographs and Videos
Apart from sharing your written thoughts and comments, the Photographs and Videos can also be shared and commented upon.  Do look for spaces where this can be accomplished.

So, Welcome to IESCP Blog. To start with comment on this Welcome Message itself.

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